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11th Feb 2022

Lecture 1: Endocrine Late Effects - Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis

Lecture 2: Metabolic Late Effects - Obesity, Insulin Resistance


25th Feb 2022

Lecture 1: Renal and Bladder Late Effect

Lecture 2: Hepatic Late Effects


12th March 2022

Lecture 1: Neurocognitive Late Effects After Childhood Cancer

Lecture 2: Interventions for Neurocognitive Late Effects

Lecture 3: Psychosocial Outcomes After Childhood Cancer

Please take note that this webinar session falls during the SJVF 2022.

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25th March 2022

Lecture 1: Late Effects on Bone Health: Bone Mineral Density

Lecture 2: Late Effects on Bone Health - Osteonecrosis


8th April 2022

Lecture 1: Reproductive Late Effects in Female Cancer Survivors

Lecture 2: Reproductive Late Effects in Male Cancer Survivors

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22nd April 2022

Lecture 1: Subsequent Malignant Neoplasms Overview

Lecture 2: Cancer Screening Guidelines After Childhood Cancer


6th May 2022

Lecture 1: Neurologic Late Effects After Childhood Cancer

Lecture 2: Stroke After Childhood Cancer


20th May 2022

Lecture 1: Ocular Late Effects After Childhood Cancer

Lecture 2: Auditory Late Effects After Childhood Cancer


3rd June 2022

Lecture 1: Functional and Social Outcomes After Childhood Cancer

Lecture 2: Rehabilitation Across the Cancer Care Continuum


17th June 2022

Lecture 1: Mental Health After Childhood Cancer

Lecture 2: The Effect of Childhood Cancer on Families and Siblings